To be a non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts specializing in satellite communication, and to be part of research and education in space communication and technology and also well recognized on the global Amsat (amateur satellite) communities.


  1. Establish strategic partnerships with pertinent agencies associated with amateur satellites both domestically and internationally.
  2. Actively communicate and collaborate with amateur satellite members from other countries.
  3. Become an inclusive organization for amateur satellite enthusiasts from both domestic and international backgrounds.
  4. Supervise and coordinate amateur satellite activities throughout Indonesia.
  5. Actively engage in emergency communication for disaster mitigation via satellites.
  6. Encourage various experiments in satellite communication development.
  7. Facilitate the development and enhancement of radio amateur resources through educational programs.
  8. Play an active role in national education for the development and enhancement of community quality through science, satellite and space education programs.


  1. Contribute to maintaining the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and serve as a backup for national communication through various amateur satellite communication activities.
  2. Cultivate examplary amateur radio individuals with up-to-date knowledge.
  3. Ensure continuous satellite communication activities.
  4. Stimulate public interest in learning about science, satellites and space.
  5. Nurture positive relationships among Amsat members both domestically and internationally.