Djoko Marjono Susilo – YB1TJ as speaker for Satellite DXing (AMSAT-ID)

Om Djoko Marjono Susilo -YB1TJ giving us a quick run down about Satellite DXing.


Orari Lokal Jakarta Barat Annual General Meeting (RAKERLOK) held on the 16th of Dec-17 @ the West Jakarta Mayor Office.. The theme of this year’s meeting is, ”Orari West Jakarta in Preparation To Face The Modern Challenges”.

In RAKERLOK Om Djoko Marjono Susilo YB1TJ-AMSAT-ID giving us how to communication and DXing with Satellite .

Many thanks to our guests OM Djoko Marjono Susilo YB1TJ our guest speaker for giving us an insight into Satellite DXing (AMSAT-ID)