1st AMSAT-ID Colloquium: Pursuing Dreams

The meeting was started a day earlier on November 18, 2023 when many participants gathered in Palm Antenna workshop to be participating on IO-86 satellite special VR and build TNC interface.

Activities on the day was started at around 07:30Z when the IO-86 satellite specially activated for the colloquium VR which supposed to be operated by the president of AMSAT-ID.

The second agenda on the first day was soldering the TNC interface kit which already prepared by Palm Antenna team. All of participants eager to finish their project in the best result.

First day activities ended at around 12.30Z after they tried to implement the tNC interface to sent and receive APRS messages. Some of the interface work well, while others were failed. The one who failed, tried to fixed the interface untill it work successfully.

19th November 2023 is the date when the 1st AMSAT-ID Colloquium held. There are many participants took part in the event.

Most of the participants took pictures along with presenters and organizing committee in the morning before the colloquium started.

the colloquium opening remarks given by OM Yasir – YF3FEO as the president of AMSAT-ID.

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